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Eye Care for Children

As a parent, you surely want your children to grow up with the best eyesight possible and as few eye problems as possible. Children with optical issues will grow up experiencing issues that may hold them back in their education or even when they are playing sports. It’s important to take your child to an eye doctor in Miami so they can be examined regularly, but it’s also important to provide them with proper eye care at home. There are things you can do as a parent to decrease the chance of your child developing eye issues in life. Eye doctors in Miami will provide you with all of the tools and knowledge you need to ensure your child doesn’t develop optical issues prematurely.

Providing Your Child With Proper Eye Care

You should be having your child’s eyes examined at least once per year from the ages of one to four. Their eyes will be developing quickly during this time, and this is when optical issues will usually show themselves. The sooner your Miami optometrist can spot a potential issue, the easier your child’s life will be.

● Have your child’s eyes examined whenever they complain about something. Some children may have trouble communicating exactly what problems they are having, but a doctor will be able to identify the issues through tests and examinations.

● Pay attention to your child. If you see them squinting or rubbing their eyes too much, it’s probably because they need glasses or contacts.

● Keep your child’s eyes lubricated at all times. While they may not want to put eye drops in their eyes by themselves, you can do this for them before or after they play outside. Putting drops in their eyes after playing outdoors will also help flush out any debris that may have gotten in them.

● Speak with your child’s school teacher. If their teacher has noticed that they are experiencing difficulties in class, it may be because they are unable to see what’s going on as well as the other children.

● If your child needs an optical aid to see, it’s better to go with glasses at first. You may want to get both contacts and glasses so you can get them used to wearing contacts, but a child will not be able to care for them as well as they can a pair of glasses.

Getting Your Child’s Eye Issues Treated

In most cases, your eye doctor in Miami Beach will be able to diagnose the reason your child cannot see and prescribe the appropriate treatment. Be sure to speak with your child about the treatment they are prescribed to ensure that it has corrected their issues. If they are still complaining about headaches or having troubles in school, the problem may be more extensive than just a vision issue. However, they will definitely be better off wearing glasses if an eye doctor deems it necessary for them to do so.

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