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Exploring Strabismus

Strabismus is a condition that your Miami optometrist will be able to diagnose easily because it has symptoms that they can see simply by looking at your eyes. Strabismus is a condition where a person has eyes that look in different directions or appear crossed. It is a result of poorly developed optical muscles and sometimes damage to the head. Those who are suffering from this condition may be able to benefit from prescription eyeglasses in Miami Beach, but sometimes surgery may be necessary to correct the issues with the eye muscles. The sooner a patient has this condition diagnosed and begins treatment, the easier it will be for them to cure; there will also be a smaller risk of the need for surgery.

Different Types of Strabismus

Because each person is different, Miami eye doctors have come up with several classifications of strabismus to help them come up with the right treatment plan for a patient. Here are some of the things that your eye doctor will look at when developing a treatment plan:

● Esotropia, exotropia, hypertropia, and hypotropia are all different types of strabismus that affect people. They mean inward, upward, outward, and downward deviations of the eye, respectively.

● A doctor is also going to look at how frequently someone is affected by their strabismus; whether it is constantly present or only happens at certain times.

● Doctors are also going to look at whether a person is dealing with eye muscle problems in one or both eyes.

How Doctors Treat Patients Diagnosed With Strabismus

If your eye doctor in Miami Beach has diagnosed you or your child with this condition, they they will want to begin treatment right away. One effective treatment for those with this condition is the use of special glasses and prisms. These things can help people to see normally and also to correct the issue with their eye muscles. Vision therapy is another effective method, and it’s something that people can do at home with the help of their computer. A last resort option for those suffering from extreme cases of strabismus is surgery. The eye muscles can be surgically corrected to reposition a patient’s eye(s).

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