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Exploring Farsightedness in Kids

Farsightedness, or hyperopia, is an optical condition in which a person has trouble focusing on objects that are close to them. If a person is diagnosed with farsightedness, then they are likely going to have a hard time reading a book or using a computer without an optical aid. It’s actually quite common for a child to develop this condition, which is why doctors recommend that parents take their kids to see their doctor in Miami Beach when they reach six months of age. The sooner a child with farsightedness is diagnosed, the easier their life will be overall. A child with an undiagnosed case of hyperopia is prone to several negative health issues, such as crossed eyes and amblyopia. If a child develops amblyopia, then they may be visiting an eye doctor in Miami to schedule a surgical operation as opposed to simply being prescribed a pair of glasses.

Warning Signs Your Child Has Hyperopia

While being farsighted can cause troubles in a child’s life, there are things a parent can do to make it easier for their young one. Miami eye doctors may tell you to look out for these warning signs that your child may be developing farsightedness:

How Doctors Treat Farsightedness in Children

If a child is old enough to care for a pair of contacts correctly, then an eye doctor may consider writing a prescription for them. However, a child needs to be able to change their contacts when the directions say to do so, keep them clean at all times, and know how to put them in and take them out without any help. If they are unable to do this, then they can simply wear a pair of eyeglasses in Miami Beach. Eyeglasses and contacts have the same function, it’s just that some people prefer contacts for appearance reasons. Caring for a pair of glasses is simple, which is why most kids are able to do it without any problems. Keeping them clean is as simple as wiping them off, and protecting them is easy if they have a hard case to keep them in. Either way, treating a child’s farsightedness is an easy thing for your eye doctor to do.

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