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Exploring Eye Exams

When a patient makes an appointment with an eye doctor in Miami Beach, they may be wondering what to expect. Eye exams can vary based on what a patient is making their appointment for, but most of them consist of a few standard steps. We are going to ask about any vision problems that you have had in the past, and we will also run a few basic vision tests. We are also going to examine your eyes using an ophthalmoscope, which is a special tool that uses light to show our doctors the internal structures of your eyes. After these exams have been performed, our optometrists will be able to determine if there are any issues with your eyes or sight. This is standard procedure for all eye doctors, not just optometrists in Miami Beach.

During the Examination

You can expect a few things to happen during your appointment. Here are the main steps involved in determining how healthy your eyes are:

● Speaking with the doctor about any concerns. If you are having difficulties seeing or are experiencing pain or discomfort, then you need to discuss this with your doctor. We are also going to ask you for a full medical history and about any prescriptions you are taking. Medical issues like high blood pressure or diabetes may affect your eye health.

● Vision tests. Each of your eyes will be individually covered while you look at a Snellen chart. Reading the letters from each line allows our doctors to determine how well you can see out of each eye. This information will help us determine if you need a different prescription for each eye.

● A physical exam using an ophthalmoscope. We’re going to use this tool to look into your eyes and see if there are any issues with your retina, blood vessels, or the optic disc in the fundus (back of the eye). Before performing this exam, we may use eye drops to dilate your pupils so we can see into the back of your eyes more easily.

● Eye coordination tests. We are going to ask you to look in certain directions while we observe the movement of your eyes. This is done to determine if there are any issues with your eye muscles.

What to Expect After the Exam

After the basic tests have been performed, we can then diagnose and treat you properly. We may tell you that your vision is in good health and that you don’t need any treatment, or we may write you a prescription to correct your vision. Some patients may be referred to other specialists if your Miami Beach eye doctor finds any diseases or conditions that require special attention. If you need corrective treatment, you can ask your doctor for contact lenses or you can choose eyeglasses in Miami Beach.

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