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Exploring Entropion

Entropion is an condition that a Miami Beach eye doctor most commonly sees in older patients, but younger people can experience it as well. It is characterized by one of the eyelids becoming inverted. This can either be a constant thing that affects someone all the time, or it can happen when someone blinks hard, sneezes, or does anything else physically jarring. When the eyelid becomes inverted, the skin and lashes will rub against the surface of the eyeball and cause damage that can eventually diminish someone’s ability to see. It can also cause infections and other negative health issues, which is why it’s best to have this condition treated by eye doctors in Miami as quickly as possible before the eye can be affected to drastically.

Symptoms of Entropion and When to See a Doctor

People can experience an inverted eyelid just once or twice in their life, which is really not a serious problem. However, there are some symptoms of this condition that a person needs to be on the lookout for in order to help them determine when they should see a Miami optometrist.

● When eye infections are happening regularly. When the eyelid becomes inverted, the scratching on the surface of the eye can leave it open to infection. Frequent infections can be dangerous for someone’s eye health, which is why they should see an eye doctor when infections happen more than a few times.

● When vision is diminishing. The skin and lashes constantly rubbing on the surface of the eye can damage the cornea, which is the part of the eye that’s responsible for refracting light onto the retina. If your cornea becomes damaged, you will not be able to see as well as before.

● When the affected eye becomes red much faster than normal. An eye that’s rapidly becoming red is likely infected and needs medical attention right away.

Treating Entropion

Those who have been diagnosed with this condition are probably wondering what an eye doctor in Miami is going to do for them. There are special eye drops that can help to reduce the inflammation associated with this condition, and there are also special contact lenses that can be worn to prevent the eyelid from becoming inverted. There are also ointments that prove effective for those diagnosed with entropion. In drastic cases, the eyelid can be stitched outward in order to reform the optic muscles and stop the inversion from happening so often. This is a simple procedure that can prove very beneficial. There are also other surgeries that can help this condition, but the stitches are usually what doctors will want to try first.

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