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Exploring Bulging

If someone notices that their eyes are bulging out more than they normally do, then they are probably going to want an examination by Miami eye doctors as soon as possible. Bulging eyes are going to be alarming to those who have never experienced them before. This condition is also known as exophthalmos, and it’s always caused by another medical condition that needs to be diagnosed and addressed as quickly as possible. When a Miami eye doctor sees someone suffering from bulging eyes, it’s most commonly because they are suffering from Graves Disease. However, there are other conditions that can cause someone’s eyes to bulge out of their sockets abnormally.

Reasons a Person Could Experience Bulging Eyes

Graves Disease is a condition where a person is having problems with their thyroid gland. There are rare cases where an eye doctor in Miami will see people suffering from bulging eyes for other reasons, though. These are some potential causes other than Graves Disease:

● Optical cancer. If a tumor has developed in the back of the eye, it may push the entire eyeball out more than normal.

● An infection. People can get infections in the back of their eyes, and these can sometimes cause bulging.

● The most rare cause of bulging is when a person is experiencing inflammation in their orbital structures that is not caused by an infection.

● Optic bleeding can also cause the eyes to bulge out of their sockets, but this condition is usually caused by a blow to the head– which means that a person is likely already going to be seeking emergency medical treatment for their injury.

Concerning Symptoms Associated with Bulging that Doctors Look For

A person who wears eyeglasses in Miami Beach may think that they can correct their bulging problem with a new prescription, but that’s not likely. Those who are experiencing eye bulging should seek emergency medical treatment if they notice they are having double vision, loss of vision, a headache, or redness around their eyes. All of these things are major concerns for doctors because they indicate other, more serious, medical conditions. Don’t wait too long to have this problem checked out; it’s critical to diagnose the underlying cause and begin treating it as quickly as possible.

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