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3 Types of Astigmatism

You’ve probably heard the word “astigmatism” a bunch of times. Do you know what it actually means? If not, don’t worry, because many people don’t.

An astigmatism is basically a defect in the cornea of the eye that causes a person to see distorted images or unclear objects. It’s considered to be in the same caliber as near or farsightedness because it’s a refractive error, but it’s not quite the same.

Astigmatism is an abnormality, but farsightedness and nearsightedness are easier to treat. People with an astigmatism usually need to get a more specific type of prescription, and they’re less likely to be eligible for corrective laser eye surgery.

Diagnosing Astigmatism

Astigmatism is detected the same way as a case of near or farsightedness. An eye doctor will perform several tests and also examine your eyes using special tools.

There are three main types of astigmatism:

  1. Myopic astigmatism. This is where both (or one) of the principal meridians are nearsighted.
  2. Hyperopic astigmatism. This is the opposite of Myopic. This is where one or both of the principal meridians are farsighted.
  3. A mixed astigmatism. This type of astigmatism is where one eye has a nearsighted principal meridian, and one has a farsighted principal meridian.

Resolving Vision Problems From an Astigmatism

In most cases, people with an astigmatism can simply be prescribed eyeglasses and their problems will be over. However, it’s possible that each eye may require a drastically different prescription than the other.

There are cases where people have had completely opposite vision problems in either of their eyes. This is not a condition to worry about, though, because there’s always something that can be done about refractive problems.

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