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Exploring an Eye Twitch

One thing that many eye doctors in Miami find their patients are curious about is eye twitches. It’s common for people to experience twitching of their eye muscles at some point in their life, and they are usually nothing to be worried about. However, some people experience eye muscle spasms that are so intense they are unable to even open their eye at all. The severity of someone’s twitches will determine what type of treatment they need to resolve their condition, but they are normally just a temporary nuisance and nothing more. Most eye twitches are caused by substances that people are consuming, which is why an eye doctor in Miami will tell their patients to watch their consumption of alcohol or caffeine if they are dealing with excessive twitches.

What Causes the Eye to Twitch?

There are many things that can cause the eye twitch, but none of them are a serious disease or medical condition that will require drastic treatments. Here are some things a Miami optometrist will tell their patient about potential causes of eye twitches:

● Smoking cigarettes.

● Wind exposure.

● Being overly exhausted or fatigued. Physical exertion.

● Alcohol consumption.

● Caffeine consumption.

● Bright lights.

Stopping the Eye From Twitching

People who are concerned about how much their eyes are twitching need to try a number of things. First they should stop drinking or smoking in excess. Second, they should cut back on the coffee intake. People can also make sure they are wearing their eyeglasses in Miami Beach if they are prescribed a pair. Eyeglasses can do a great job of keeping the wind out of someone’s eyes, and even non-prescription sunglasses can help people keep the wind out of their eyes. Sunglasses will also help people who are dealing with eye twitches because they are constantly exposed to bright lights. While this condition isn’t something that will affect someone’s vision (in most cases) or cause them negative health repercussions, it is a condition that will be annoying after some time. In most cases, it will resolve itself within a few minutes and won’t come back for a long time.

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