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Explaining How Blindness is Caused

One of the main reasons patients will make an appointment with their Miami optometrist is because they are concerned about losing their vision. They want to know what causes blindness, how they can prevent it, and what the most common causes of blindness are. In most cases, people don’t need to worry about blindness unless they are dealing with a condition that can cause it, or if they have a family history of blindness. There are many things a doctor in Miami Beach will tell their patient that can cause blindness, though.

Things That Can Cause Blindness

Some conditions have a much higher probability of causing a patient to lose their sight. Here are some of the main conditions that a Miami eye doctor sees which may result in blindness:

Glaucoma. This is a condition that deals with the drainage of fluids in the eye and pressure overall. If the pressure in someone’s eye becomes too great, their ocular nerves can become damaged and they may lose their sight.

● Retinal detachments. Sometimes a person’s retina can become detached from its natural position, which will result in vision loss and blindness. They can be caused from eye diseases and also from physical trauma.

Cancer in the eyes. One condition that doesn’t have too many treatment options available for retaining vision is cancer. This is because if cancer is present and growing in the eye, it needs to be removed before it spreads to the brain.

Preventing Complete Vision Loss

Those who are worried about losing their vision likely feel that way because they know that a member of their family went blind in the past. People who are aware of this should tell their eye doctor in Miami Beach so they can be looking out for certain things that are related to blindness. If an eye doctor knows that they need to be looking for something specific, they can potentially catch a patient’s problem before it is able to do any damage. For example, those with a family history of glaucoma can tell their doctor so they can catch this condition and treat it before it gets the chance to damage their ocular nerves and affect their vision.

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