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Explaining Eye Fluids

It’s common for people to make an appointment with their eye doctor in Miami Beach because they are having problems with their natural eye fluids. Eye fluids are critical to the overall health of an eyeball; they are supposed to keep the eye lubricated and prevent foreign objects from becoming an issue. However, some people have issues with their eye fluids that cause problems in the future. In addition to external eye fluids, there is fluid present inside the eyeball as well. People can sometimes develop issues with their internal eye fluid, which are problems that need to be addressed by a Miami eye doctor as soon as possible.

The Functions of Eye Fluids

The external eye fluids are basically present to keep the eye moist and able to move easily at all times. They are also there to prevent debris from becoming an issue when it gets into the eye. However, people are going to find out all sorts of information if they ask their doctor in Miami Beach about their internal eye fluids.

● The internal part of the eye that contains fluid is known as the vitreous body.

● If something gets into the vitreous body from infection or inflammation, the only way to remove it is by a surgical procedure.

● Almost 99% of the fluid inside of the eyeball is water. The rest is salts, sugars, and vitrosin.

● Some people experience a vitreous detachment, which is where the vitreous gel detaches from the retina (it’s supposed to be pushed against it at all times).

● In older people, the vitreous fluid can often become too liquified and collapse over time. This is especially a problem for people who are nearsighted.

Dealing With Issues Related to Internal Eye Fluids

There are many conditions that can affect the fluids inside of someone’s eyes. If someone suspects that they are having problems with this part of their eye, they need to speak with an optometrist and be examined as soon as possible. While external eye fluid problems are not too severe, internal eye fluid problems can become cumbersome to deal with. This is especially true if someone has an issue that’s causing inflammation to the inner portion of their eye, resulting in the need for surgery. However, most eye problems can be caught before they get out of hand and treated before the internal eye fluids are affected too drastically.

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