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Explaining the Details of Glaucoma

Glaucoma is a condition that eye doctors in Miami see quite often, and it’s related to a buildup of pressure in the eyes. When there’s too much pressure in someone’s eyes, their ocular nerves will begin to sustain damage that is irreversible. However, most people with this condition are aware of it right away as it can become very painful and uncomfortable. There are also ways to treat this condition that can prevent it from damaging the ocular nerves. If a patient thinks they are dealing with this condition because their parent also had it, then they need to be seen by an eye doctor in Miami as soon as possible.

How is Glaucoma Treated?

Someone who has been diagnosed with glaucoma may be wondering what the treatment will entail. The answer to this question greatly depends on how progressed a patient’s case of glaucoma currently is. There are special drops that a Miami eye doctor can prescribe to deal with this condition, but there are other ways of treating it– especially in people who have advanced cases of glaucoma. Here are the main ways it’s treated:

● With eye drops to reduce the fluid buildup on the front of the eye, or to help the fluid drain from the eye. The eye drops have proven to be successful for many people, but they do come with side effects. People who are talking to their Miami optometrist about this treatment plan need to be sure they disclose any other medications they are currently on.

● Laser surgery. There are laser surgeries that can increase the outflow of fluid from the eye, or to remove the blockage that’s causing the fluid buildup in the first place. The surgery will entail either making a hole in the iris to allow fluid to flow better, or to prevent the middle layer of the eye from producing so much fluid.

● A trabeculectomy. This is a procedure where a portion of the trabecular meshwork is removed to allow proper drainage in the eye. Some people will have an implant installed during this operation to ensure the opening doesn’t close up.

Why do People Develop Glaucoma?

The cause of glaucoma can vary from person to person. Some people develop it in their older years as their blood flow starts to decrease, and other people develop it at a young age because of genetics. There are also different types of glaucoma; most of them result in increased ocular pressure, but some people can have glaucoma with normal eye pressure. However, any case of glaucoma needs to be diagnosed and treated right away as to prevent damage to the ocular nerves. Many people have completely lost their sight in either one or both eyes because of untreated glaucoma.

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