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Excess Tears in Your Eyes

Some people suffer from eyes that are producing too many tears. While it’s more common for someone to suffer from chronic dry eye, people do develop excessively tearing eyes. This is a condition that an eye doctor in Miami will be able to treat, but identifying the source of the issue can be a bit more complicated. When the eyes are producing too many tears, it’s often an indicator of an underlying problem. The lacrimal glands that are responsible for producing tears should be able to regulate the amount of fluid that enters the eye quite easily, but this isn’t the case with everybody. Those who believe they are suffering from excess tears in their eyes need to see their Miami Beach eye doctor as soon as possible.

Symptoms of Excess Tears in the Eye

While it’s obvious that one of the symptoms of this condition is going to be watery eyes, there are also a few other things that can indicate a problem with the lacrimal glands. Here are some things that your eye doctor in Miami Beach will tell you to look out for:

● Inflammation or infection of the eyes. When the eyes are producing too many tears, it may give bacteria the right environment it needs to thrive in your eye, causing an infection.

● A runny nose. You may have noticed that your nose becomes watery when you’re crying, and the same can be true even if you’re not crying because of an emotional reason.

● Sneezing. When too many tears are being produced for an abnormal reason, it may cause you to sneeze more often than you usually do.

● Eye redness. Those who have overly watery eyes may rub or wipe them often, which can cause their eyes to become red. The redness can also be caused from bacteria or other reasons.

Dealing With Excess Tears in the Eyes

Those who are dealing with this condition may be wondering if it’s going to affect them for a long time, but they will be relieved to know that this issue usually doesn’t last for too long once a medical professional has been consulted. An optometrist in Miami Beach will be able to help you figure out what has suddenly caused this issue to happen, and also how to treat it properly. It could be something as simple as changing something in your diet, starting a new medication, or even quitting a medication that you have recently started taking. People with excess tears in their eyes are more prone to infections, which is why this condition is one that needs to be addressed as soon as possible.

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