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Examining the Human Eye

The human eye is one of the most complex and intricate organs in the entire body. It’s very small when compared to other organs, but it’s definitely one of the most useful. It consists of many different parts, and all of them work together simultaneously to allow someone to interact with the world around them. When making an appointment with a Miami eye doctor, many patients wonder just what is taking place during their visit. During a standard checkup, eye doctors in Miami will all perform the same examinations and tests to understand the health of their patient’s eyes.

A Basic Optical Exam

During a standard optical examination, a Miami optometrist is going to do a few basic things. If a patient is aware of what’s happening during their visit, they can feel more comfortable with what’s going on. They will also be able to ask their doctor about specific things they were concerned about if they had any issues they wanted to address. This is what normally happens when doctors examine a patient’s eyes:

● A discussion about previous eye health and how any previously prescribed treatments are working. If a patient doesn’t have any type of corrective visual aid, the doctor will simply ask about their overall eye health and any familial history of optical issues.

Visual acuity tests. There are charts patients will need to look at that can help a doctor gauge how well the patient can see. There are also machines they can look through to help a doctor figure out how well a patient’s eyes are able to focus.

● An internal examination of the eye. Most of the time, the eye doctor will want to look at the internal structure of a patient’s eyes. This is to determine that everything appears as it should and there are no abnormalities present.

● Depending on someone’s reports, they will either be discharged and told to come back next year or provided with a corrective prescription. This can be contacts if a patient wishes, but patients can also choose eyeglasses in Miami Beach.

Preparing for the Exam

It’s a good idea to arrive at your optical exam prepared for what’s going to happen. You can call ahead and ask the doctor if your eyes are going to be dilated, in which case you will need to arrange for a ride to pick you up or a friend to take you to the office. You won’t be able to safely drive for a few hours after your eyes have been dilated, so you will need someone else to provide you with transportation.

photo credit: A world in the eye via photopin (license)