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What Causes Dry Eyes in Adults?

One of the most common reasons people make an appointment with their eye doctor in Miami Beach is because they are suffering from dry eyes. Dry eyes are a problem that many people don’t think is too serious, but can become a problem if left unchecked. Eyes that are too dry all the time will leave someone susceptible to inflammation and infections. Dealing with an eye infection can be a big ordeal for some people, especially those who don’t like to put drops in their eyes. When someone develops an eye infection, they will most likely have to take prescription eye drops from their Miami Beach eye doctor. Instead of dealing with these problems, people can simply take measures to stop their dry eye problems as soon as possible.

Reasons People Have Dry Eyes

Some people have dry eyes simply because they don’t wear their prescribed eyeglasses in Miami Beach. People with vision problems can benefit from wearing their glasses all the time because they will help to keep wind out of the eyes, which is a known cause for dry eyes.

● A problem with the chemical makeup of a person’s tears. If someone’s tears don’t contain the right chemicals, then they may evaporate too quickly. This can happen if someone starts a new medication or gets on a new diet. Things like this can alter the chemicals the body naturally produces.

● Problems with tear production. Some people have tear glands that naturally don’t produce enough fluid. However, there are special eye drops people can take to help stimulate their tear glands.

● Blockages in the tear duct. If someone has a blockage in their duct, then their tears won’t be able to make it to their eyeballs. This problem can be rectified by clearing out the duct with a special tool or even putting a small stint in the duct to keep it open. This problem needs to be addressed right away because a blockage in the duct may cause people to develop extraordinary pressure in their eyes, which can be damaging to the optic nerves.

Resolving Your Dry Eye Problem

Those who have been dealing with dry eyes for more than a few days need to be sure they make an appointment with their Miami eye doctor. Dry eyes may not feel like such a serious problem, but they are definitely a reason that people should make an appointment with their eye doctor before their annual checkup time. Waiting a few months to be seen for this issue may cause the problem to become much more severe than it should have. In most cases, patients can have their dry eye problems fixed with just a few simple changes, but it depends on what is causing the problem in the first place.

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