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How Dry Eye Can Affect Your Vision

One of the most common optical health issues that eye doctors in Miami see is patients that are suffering from dry eyes. While having dry eyes for a short period of time is not such a bad thing, it can lead to serious eye health issues if left untreated for long periods of time. The natural moisture present in the eyes is there to help prevent infection from bacteria and debris from getting into the eye. Those without properly lubricated eyes are more susceptible to optical infections and inflammation of the eyes. However, there are things an eye doctor in Miami can do to decrease the symptoms their patient is experiencing.

Negative Side Effects of Dry Eyes

There are a number of reasons people can suffer from dry eyes. The tear composition being incorrect and resulting in tears that evaporate too quickly, duct problems, and drainage problems can all be reasons that people have this condition. However, basically every cause of this condition is treatable by a Miami eye doctor.

● Redness. People with dry eyes often rub them excessively, resulting in redness.

● Sensitivity to light.

● Watery eyes. When the eyes are dry, their natural response is to produce moisture. However, this is different from having naturally lubricated eyes and it’s almost similar to crying.

● The feeling of having debris in the eyes.

● A stringy mucus buildup that’s on the eyeball or on the outside of it.

Treating Chronic Dry Eye

The treatment for a patient’s particular case of dry eyes is going to depend on what’s causing it in the first place. If someone is simply not producing enough tears naturally, then they can be provided with special prescription drops by their Miami optometrist. However, if the cause of someone’s dry eye is a blockage in the duct, it may need to be widened using a special tool during a minor operation. A skilled eye doctor can work with a patient suffering from chronic dry eye to figure out what’s causing the issue so it can be resolved as quickly as possible. Those who are dealing with dry eyes for too long are going to end up dealing with even worse eye problems in the future.

photo credit: Alice via photopin (license)