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Do Carrots Really Hurt Your Eyes?

There are some people who try and avoid carrots because they have heard that they are not good for their eye health. However, your Miami Eye doctor will confirm that this couldn’t be further from the truth. Carrots actually contain beta-carotene and provide a source of Vitamin A, which are both crucial to the human body. Eating carrots is not going to cause harm to your eyes, but it won’t particularly help them as well. While many people believe that carrots can hurt their eyesight, there are also a large number of people who believe that carrots will improve their eyesight. The next time you are buying groceries or making a plate of food, don’t feel bad about getting a helping of carrots. You can always ask your Miami eye doctors to confirm anything you have heard about your eyes that you aren’t sure of.

What Should You Think About Carrots?

If you are someone who thinks that eating carrots will prevent the need for wearing eyeglasses in Miami Beach, then you need to learn more about carrots and what they actually do for your body.

What to Do About Carrots in the Future

If reading facts about carrots has not changed your opinion on them, then you should try speaking with your doctor in Miami Beach about them the next time you are in for an appointment. They will be able to explain to you in more detail how carrots are good for your health and won’t damage your eyes. You should definitely not be avoiding carrots because you think they are harmful to your health or eyes in any way, because this simply is not true. Before you believe everything you read or are told, be sure to check your facts with reputable sources of information–such as doctors who specialize in certain parts of the human body.

photo credit: wwarby Eye via photopin (license)