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Discovering the Occipital Lobe

When going through school to learn all there is to know about eyes, vision, and how they are related to the brain, an eye doctor in Miami is sure to learn all about the occipital lobe. This is a portion of the brain that’s responsible for processing visual information. It’s also where most of the optic nerves are attached to from the back of the eyeballs. The occipital lobe is responsible for processing information very quickly– any delay can result in a dangerous situation for someone. For example, someone who sees an object coming at them at the last second is  going to react immediately thanks to how quickly the occipital lobe processes information. The link between this part of the brain and the eyes is something that a doctor in Miami Beach is going to learn all about before they begin their career.

What is the Occipital Lobe Responsible For?

If you were to ask your optometrist in Miami Beach what the occipital lobe does, they are likely going to tell you all about how this part of the brain is related to vision. The occipital lobe may be responsible for some other functions in the human body, but it’s most widely known to be related to visual processes.

● The occipital lobe is split into two portions, and it’s located in the very back of the brain. Each half of the brain contains an occipital lobe where optic nerves are connected to.

● The occipital lobe is split into four sections that are responsible for different parts of sight. V1-V4 are all parts of the occipital lobe that perform different functions and allow someone to see normally.

● The various sections of the occipital lobe are responsible for many aspects of vision. For example, V1 is responsible for spatial-frequency, orientation, and color frequencies, while V2 is responsible for processing “what” someone is looking at.

Exploring the Occipital Lobe Even Further

There are many things currently known about the occipital lobe, but there are also many unknowns about it as well. A Miami Beach eye doctor is sure to continue learning about this complex part of the brain throughout their career. There are many doctors that take time and effort to ensure they are keeping up with the latest research. So, just because you’re visiting your eye doctor doesn’t mean you can’t ask about this critical part of the brain and find out the information you’re looking for.

photo credit: Anime Eye? via photopin (license)