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Discovering Ptosis

Ptosis is a condition that your Miami optometrist will be able to diagnose quite easily. It is characterized by a drooping of the eyelid, and it’s a condition that may affect the way you are able to see. If the eyelid droop is severe, it may cause you to have a hard time focusing on certain tasks because of the way it impairs your vision. However, this condition can be treated surgically and permanently repaired. In some cases, your vision may be affected to the point that you need to wear eyeglasses in Miami Beach. Lazy eye, astigmatism, and other visual problems can result from an untreated ptosis. Because the condition affects a person’s physical appearance, most people take measures to resolve the problem quickly.

Modern Treatments for Ptosis

If you have been seen by eye doctors in Miami and diagnosed with ptosis, you’re likely concerned about what they are going to do to resolve the issue. Surgery is not going to be the first suggestion in most cases of ptosis, but it may be necessary in some instances.

● There are special eye drops that your doctor can prescribe which will help to reduce the droop of your eyelid. This treatment is most effective in mild cases of ptosis, though.

● Patching is a fairly new method of treating optical conditions, and it has proven to be effective in those with ptosis. It’s where a patch is put over the affected eye for short periods of time throughout the day.

● There are some patients with ptosis who can benefit from wearing glasses. When vision is affected by the droop of the eyelid, glasses can help to correct any optical issues and also refocus the eye muscles properly.

What Causes People to Develop Ptosis?

People who have been diagnosed with ptosis often ask their Miami eye doctor what caused them to develop this condition in the first place. Most commonly, ptosis is present in children and able to be treated before they begin attending school. There are instances where adults develop ptosis, though, and it leaves them wondering what may have caused this type of issue so much later in life. For adults, an injury is the most common reason they develop this condition. The after effects of a surgery can also cause ptosis, and so can the presence of certain ocular diseases. Preventing this type of condition is not something people are able to do with effort and care, but it can be treated effectively, so there’s no need to worry about it permanently affecting your quality of life.

photo credit: Loïc Cas via photopin (license)