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Different Types of Eye Surgeries

If your Miami Beach eye doctor says that you may need to have optical surgery, then you are probably wondering what type of procedures are available. There are several different types of optical procedures performed on a regular basis, but the kind you need is going to depend on what your condition is. With most eye surgeries today, a laser is used to reshape the cornea and make incisions in the epithelium. Lasers have proven to be the best way to fix an optical condition without risking damage to the rest of the eye.

Corrective Eye Surgeries

Most optical procedures are performed to correct vision problems, but there are some rare cases where people need surgery to have foreign objects removed. Knowing about the different types of procedures an eye doctor in Miami Beach may perform can help you feel more comfortable with the operation. You don’t want to go into an operating room feeling uneasy because patients remain awake during most optical procedures.

● Nearsightedness. During this procedure, a small hinged flap will be cut in the epithelium of your eye to expose the cornea underneath. The goal of this surgery is to flatten the cornea so you can see normally without needing glasses. Once the cornea is properly shaped, the flap will be replaced and the healing process will begin. This entire process usually takes about 10-15 minutes per eye.

● Farsightedness. This procedure is very similar to the one for nearsightedness, except that the goal is to steepen the cornea instead of flattening it. The hinge will still be cut in the epithelium so the surgeon can reshape your cornea, then replaced.

Cataracts. This type of optical surgery is different than the previous two because its goal is to remove the cloudiness in the lens of your eye. The natural lens that has the cataract will be broken down with a laser, then removed through a small slit in the epithelium. A new, artificial lens will then replace the natural one.

Astigmatism. This type of surgery is similar to the ones for near or farsightedness, except that it’s going to be more difficult to judge how the cornea needs to be reshaped. An astigmatism is an irregularity in the cornea that causes visual impairment. The surgeon will need to examine your cornea to determine how it needs to be reshaped, but the end result will be a smooth cornea that allows you to see without the need for glasses. This procedure may involve flattening and steepening the cornea in various areas.

Healing After an Optical Surgery

After your surgery is complete, you will need a few days before your eyes are back in perfect health. The human eye heals very quickly, though, so it will be back to normal within 2-4 days. However, it’s important to not rub your eyes after the operation as this could irritate the flap and cause it to become dislodged. You should immediately notice an improvement in your vision after the surgery, and it will only become better after the flap fully heals. If you are used to wearing eyeglasses in Miami Beach, then an optical surgery can be the solution to your visual issues. A Miami eye doctor can help you with all your needs!

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