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Diabetic Eye Disease

People often make an appointment with their eye doctor in Miami because they are concerned about how their diabetes is going to affect their vision. This is a very valid concern as well, especially because there are a number of optical conditions that can develop because of diabetes. However, most of them can be prevented with the right precautionary measures. Those who are suffering from diabetes need to make an appointment with their Miami Beach eye doctor so they can figure out what they need to do to stop their existing condition from affecting their vision. While not everybody who has diabetes is guaranteed to develop an eye condition, they are definitely at higher risk.

Vision Problems Related to Diabetes

People who are diabetic need to be aware of what can happen to their vision if they aren’t careful. The changes in a patient’s blood sugar levels can definitely affect the clarity of their vision, which is something that can be regulated and controlled so it doesn’t happen anymore. Here are a few of the ways diabetes can affect vision:

● Diabetic retinopathy. This is a condition where the tiny blood vessels in the eye are affected by the diabetes and leaks into or blocks the retina. This condition can result in blindness.

● Diabetes can encourage a clouding of the eye’s natural lens, called a cataract. Some people don’t have vision problems because of their cataracts, but others see halos and lose a portion of their vision. It can be corrected with surgery.

● People with uncontrolled or undiagnosed diabetes can experience blurred vision from their blood sugar levels. Their vision will get worse or better throughout the day depending on their current sugar level

Taking Precautionary Measures to Stop Diabetic Vision Problems

People who are diagnosed with diabetes need to speak with their eye doctor in Miami Beach about what they can do to prevent this issue from causing vision problems. The most important thing is to regulate the diabetes and control blood sugar levels so vision is not affected. Left unchecked, diabetes can cause some serious damage to the retina that may be irreversible. However, an optometrist will be more than willing to help a patient with diabetes do everything they can to prevent vision loss. If a diabetic patient is being careful and taking the right precautionary measures, they should never experience any problems with their vision. However, some people may develop the need for eyeglasses in Miami Beach if they are not caring for themselves properly.

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