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Cornea Evaluations

People who are suffering from vision problems need to have their cornea evaluated by their Miami eye doctor so they can be prescribed corrective treatment. An issue with the cornea often results in nearsightedness or farsightedness, which can pose problems with the way a person is able to see. These conditions need to be diagnosed and treated because they can lead to future problems that are more difficult to treat. The shape of a person’s cornea is going to determine how light is refracted into their eye; if a cornea is too concave or too convex, then light will not land on the retina as it is supposed to. These conditions are usually quite easy for eye doctors in Miami to diagnose and treat.

Getting Your Cornea Evaluated

People often wonder how they are going to be evaluated and treated for an abnormal cornea, but the process is quite simple. Here are the main ways a Miami optometrist is going to diagnose a corneal abnormality within their patient:

● Performing vision tests. A patient will be asked to look at a Snellen chart and to read the letters off of it. There are also devices people can look through which will allow a doctor to determine the patient’s ability to focus on objects both near and far.

● A physical examination of a patient’s cornea. There are certain techniques an eye doctor can use in order to determine the shape of the cornea. If an eye doctor notices it isn’t shaped correctly, it’s a strong indicator of a vision problem.

● Speaking with the eye doctor. Speaking with the doctor about how your vision is will give them an insight into your condition.

Treating Vision Problems Related to the Cornea

In most cases, people who have an abnormally shaped cornea can simply be prescribed eyeglasses in Miami Beach to correct their vision problem. People can also opt for contacts or even laser eye surgery. A laser can be used to reshape someone’s cornea into the correct position, which will prevent the need for wearing glasses or contacts ever again. It’s important to have a vision problem related to the cornea corrected as soon as possible because it will stop a patient from putting too much strain on their eyes. When people strain too much to see normally, it can cause damage to their optic nerves and permanently affect their sight.

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