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Learning How to Conserve Your Tears

Dry eyes are a problem that a Miami Beach eye doctor sees quite often. While many people think that dry eyes are not so serious of a health issue, they can cause some severe issues that will diminish a patient’s quality of life. However, there are some ways people can conserve their natural tears and prevent dry eyes from becoming a problem. Some of the ways to conserve natural tears will involve the help of an optometrist in Miami Beach, but there are also things people can be doing on their own. Dry eyes can lead to inflammation, infections, red eyes, itchiness, and many other negative health symptoms that will cause someone to feel miserable during the day.

Conserving Natural Tears

If someone has tears that aren’t staying on the surface of their eyes for as long as they should be, then they need to discuss why this may be happening with their doctor in Miami Beach. The cause of this problem may be a simple one, but it could also be related to other health conditions.

● Using over-the- counter eye drops. Using regular eye drops from the store can help some people who are dealing with minor cases of dry eyes.

● Using prescription eye drops. There are special eye drops a doctor can provide their patient with which will increase the thickness of their natural tears.

● Wearing protective eyewear. Sometimes the reason a person’s eyes are too dry eye is because they are being exposed to wind too often. Those who are outside at work may need to wear goggles or special glasses to keep wind out of their eyes.

The Importance of Tears on the Surface of Your Eyes

Many people don’t know just how important it is to retain tears on the surface of their eyes, but it’s actually crucial to eye health. An eye doctor in Miami will tell you that lack of tears can cause infections to occur quite often. The natural tears produced by the eyes contain antibodies that protect the eyes from infections and harmful bacteria. A lack of tears can also cause issues with the cornea as well; there are certain tears that are supposed to nourish the cornea, and it can become a problem if they are not present.

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