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Computer Screens & Vision

One thing that eye doctors in Miami often have to explain to their patients is how computer screens can affect their vision. Computers are a big part of life today, and many people are required to sit in front of one all day while they are at work. However, this can cause a number of vision problems and also cause people to experience excess eye strain. Those who work closely with computers need to be sure they are discussing their lifestyle with their doctor in Miami Beach so they can figure out what needs to be done to prevent ocular problems from developing. There are many known vision and eye health problems that can develop from staring at a computer screen all day long.

How a Computer Screen Can Negatively Affect Your Vision

If you work in front of a computer, then you need to be aware of what can happen to your vision in the future. Being aware of the conditions related to prolonged staring at a computer can help you prevent damage to your eyes. These are common conditions that a Miami eye doctor sees related to computer screen exposure:

● Computer vision syndrome. This is a condition that can develop in those who work closely with computers, and it’s related to their ability to focus. People may start having trouble seeing objects in the distance.

● Chronic dry eye. Those who work with computers often blink less than those who do not. This can result in dry eyes that may cause a number of problems.

● Damage to the optic nerves. When staring at a computer screen, people often strain their eyes harder than normal. This excess strain can cause damage to the optic nerves, resulting in diminished vision.

How to Prevent a Computer Screen From Causing Problems

If you’re wondering what you can do to stop your computer screen from causing vision problems, then you need to be speaking with your optometrist in Miami Beach. They will be able to explain just what you need to be doing in order to stop your computer screen from damaging your vision. Also, you need to be paying attention to your eyes and how they feel. If you have been working on a computer for six hours and your eyes are beginning to hurt, then take a quick fifteen minute break. Taking regular breaks from staring at the computer screen can dramatically help your vision.

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