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Common Hereditary Eye Issues

Like many biological diseases and abnormalities, issues related to eyesight can be passed from parent to child through genetics. Some may be minor, such as nearsightedness, while others, like cataracts, can lead to permanent blindness.

Genetic vision problems

There are hundreds of common vision issues that are passed through genes. While some are noticeable as soon as birth, others may not be discovered until later in life. Color blindness may only be noticed when a child is learning to identify colors for the first time.

While not all of these problems are always genetic, the most common vision issues are:


Like basic vision issues, disease of the eye can be revealed when a child is born or only noticed later in life. Some of the more common eye diseases are (but not always):


Some hereditary eye issues can be treated, either semi-entirely (for example, eyeglasses), entirely (Lasik eye surgery or medication), or not at all, as with retinal degeneration.

If you have concerns about a vision issue with you or your child, an early diagnosis can speed up the discussion about assessments and possible treatments.