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Chronic Eye Problems

Many people make an appointment with their Miami Beach eye doctor because they have been suffering from an optical issue for a long period of time. There are many conditions that will cause someone to suffer for much longer than normal, and most of them are very uncomfortable to deal with. The eyes normally heal very fast, but there are some exceptions to this fact. An eye doctor in Miami Beach can help with all sorts of chronic optical issues, from dry eye to vision problems that need basic corrective treatment.

What Are the Most Common Chronic Eye Issues?

While there are rare eye diseases that doctors know about, people most commonly suffer from one of the most basic issues when it comes to their eyes. In most cases, people can prevent from having to deal with a chronic eye problem by simply taking care of themselves. Some of the most common chronic eye issues that a Miami eye doctor sees are:

● Chronic dry eye. This condition is where a patient has trouble producing the normal amount of tears and suffers from poorly lubricated eyes. While dry eyes aren’t unhealthy to have or a day or so, they can become a serious problem if they remain dry for weeks at a time. This can lead to other severe optical issues, and it will often cause discomfort and swelling. It can be treated with prescription eye drops to stimulate tear production, and surgery in rare cases.

● Chronic pink eye. Though not as common as chronic dry eye, many people do develop this condition and let it go on for far too long. The condition known as pink eye is a general term for anything that causes swelling in the conjunctiva. It can be caused from irritation, debris, or bacteria. Those who are dealing with it for longer than a few days likely have a case of chronic pink eye caused by a bacterial infection, most commonly staphylococcus. Prescription drops and antibiotics can be prescribed to treat this condition.

● Chronic headache. One of the most common reasons people visit an optometrist is because they are dealing with headaches almost every day out of the week. One of the main causes of this condition is a vision problem that causes someone to strain their eyes, therefore developing a headache from the overly worked eye muscles. Optometrists can correct this with eyeglasses in Miami Beach.

Treatment for Chronic Eye Conditions

In most cases, chronic eye conditions can be treated or managed with ease. An easy regimen of antibiotics can help someone who is dealing with bacterial chronic pink eye, and there are prescription eye drops that can cure someone’s chronic dry eye problem. However, the sooner a patient gets seen by an eye doctor to resolve their eye issues, the better off they’ll be. Letting an optical issue go unchecked can turn into something even more serious later on.

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