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Caring for Your Contact Lenses

If your Miami Beach eye doctor has told you that you need corrective treatment in order to see clearly, you may have opted for contacts. Many people prefer wearing contacts because they won’t have to worry about keeping track of a pair of glasses; wearing contacts during the day is basically the same as having perfect vision. People with glasses often misplace them or damage them from being careless. However, wearing contacts is not as simple as some people believe. It’s important that you listen to your Miami optometrist when it comes to caring for your contacts so you don’t have to replace them more often than what’s absolutely necessary.

Basic Contact Care Tips

While there are many different types of contacts, all of them are going to require proper care to prevent the chance of an infection happening in your eyes. While rare, some people have actually gone blind because they didn’t care for their contacts properly.

● Before handling your contacts in any way, be sure to wash your hands thoroughly. Use an antibacterial soap that will kill any germs on your hands so they don’t get the chance to grow on the contacts or inside your eyes.

● After wearing your contacts, be sure that you put some solution in the palm of your hand and rub the contact around gently. This will breakup and buildup on the lens and clean it well. After rubbing it around, rinse it off with solution one more time–this removes any of the debris that was loosened.

● Be sure that you are always using a clean contact lens case at all times. Also, never “top off” the solution inside your case. Pour out the old solution, rinse the case out, and fill it with fresh solution. Microorganisms can grow inside of the case after some time, and this will prevent that from happening.

Caring For Your Contacts Even Further

The frequency of contact cleaning and depth of care will depend on what type of lens you have. Your eye doctor in Miami Beach has probably already told you about the different types available. Some are worn only during the day, some can be slept in, and some can last for up to six months. If you are a forgetful person and don’t think you can care for your contacts properly, then opt for a disposable type that you don’t need to worry about cleaning. If you are someone who has trouble putting the lenses on your eyes, then it may be best to just ask your optometrist for eyeglasses in Miami Beach so you never have to deal with feeling uncomfortable.

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