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Caring for Your Children’s Eyes

All parents want to make sure their children are as healthy as possible. In order to do this, parents need to be aware of the things they need to do to help their children develop properly and catch any issues as early as possible. The earlier you can catch a problem with your child’s vision, the sooner they can see an eye doctor in Miami and have their issues addressed. It’s also important to know what to do in an emergency situation so your child doesn’t further damage their eyes.

Basic and Emergency Care

Most children are going to feel uncomfortable putting drops in their eyes, but it’s a good idea to help them keep their eyes lubricated. Providing them with drops once or twice a week will ensure that their eyes are in the best shape possible. If they are constantly rubbing their eyes or complaining about discomfort, then you may want to increase the number of times you provide them with the drops. Also, it’s better to be safe and visit with eye doctors in Miami if your child is complaining about vision problems. A doctor will be able to examine them and figure out what’s causing their discomfort because it may be more than just dry eye.

● During an emergency, try to help your child keep their eyes as still as possible. If they continue to move their eye around after it has been injured, it may cause further damage.

● Make sure they visit an eye doctor at least once per year. This is especially important for children who are under the age of four. The human eye develops rapidly between the ages of one to four, so it’s best to have a doctor observing them during this time. This will also allow a doctor to determine if your child is going to need glasses or not; providing them with glasses as soon as possible will enable them to do well in school.

● Avoid putting pressure on their eye during an emergency. Pressure may cause an object lodged in their eye to be pushed in deeper. Running water over their eyes may help if something is in it, but you should stop immediately if your child is complaining that the water is causing more pain.

If Your Child Needs Glasses

If your Miami optometrist says that your child is going to need an optical aid so they can see properly, then it would be best to provide them with glasses first. This is especially true for children under the age of 12. Most children will have a hard time putting an object in their eye when they are younger, and they may avoid doing it altogether. Caring for contacts is also more complex than caring for glasses, and you don’t want to risk your child doing something improperly. Ensuring your children’s eyes are taken care of is not so hard to do; just listen to them and ensure they are getting regular checkups. If you need eyeglasses in Miami Beach, Gould vision is the place to go.

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