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Being Born With Vision Problems

There are a number of vision problems that people can be born with. The majority of them are noticed by a doctor in Miami Beach quite early, and they can usually be treated with a simple solution. Also, many infants that are born with eye problems get rid of them naturally within the  first six months to a year of their life. However, it’s important for a parent to keep an eye on their child’s vision development and to know what is normal. This way, they can take their baby to be examined by an optometrist in Miami Beach if they think that there’s a problem. A vision problem with a child can hinder their development into adulthood, which is why it’s so important to have vision issues addressed as quickly as possible.

Common Eye Problems Infants Are Born With

Most doctors will want to try non-invasive treatments with a newborn baby so there’s no risk of damaging their eyes at an early age. Here are the most common eye problems eye doctors in Miami see within infants:

Nearsightedness. This is a genetic condition that is characterized by a misshapen cornea. It’s possible to tell if a child has this condition even if they cannot speak by performing vision tests.

● Farsightedness. This is also a genetic condition that can be identified by performing vision tests with a child. Detecting either of these problems is also possible if an eye doctor examines the shape of child’s cornea.

● Strabismus. This is where a child has misaligned eyes. The eyes should move as one and also be focusing on the same objects. It can be detected by visually examining a child’s eyes and watching them when they move.

Dealing With an Infant’s Eye Problem

If the issue with a child is something like near or farsightedness, then it can be corrected by getting glasses from a Miami eye doctor. An infant with a vision problem needs to be examined regularly so a new prescription can be written if their vision changes with age; a child’s vision is developing rapidly from one to four years of age. If the issue is something like strabismus, then there are certain techniques that can be used to correct this issue. Patching, or putting a patch over one of a child’s eyes, is an effective treatment for this problem. Surgery may be necessary in some cases, but it’s rare for an infant to have an optical surgery.

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