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Blinking – What’s the Purpose?

One of the most common questions people ask their eye doctor in Miami is the exact reason why people blink. Blinking is something that people do hundreds, sometimes thousands of times per day without noticing it. However, blinking is essential to healthy eye functions and this is why it’s an automatic reaction of the body. If someone is not blinking as often as they should be, then they are likely going to develop dry eyes that are going to cause some uncomfortable optical conditions in the future. Those who are not blinking enough need to speak with eye doctors in Miami about what they can do to keep their eyes moisturized at all times.

Why You Blink

The next time you are at an appointment with your Miami optometrist, ask them the reason you blink, about blink frequency, and about anything else you want to know concerning your eyelids. Here are the main reasons that people blink:

● To keep their eyes moist. The eyeball needs to be coated in moisture at all times or health problems may arise. A dry eyeball can be more susceptible to infection from bacteria because the fluids in the eyes contain antibodies that normally fight off harmful bacteria.

● As a reflex. There are times when people will blink, or shut their eyes completely, in response to something in their environment. If there’s a cloud of sand or dust coming at someone, they will naturally blink their eyes or shut them to prevent any damage from happening.

● Protection from irritants. This is related to the reflex blinking action, but it’s also considered a reason why people blink. If something comes in contact with the eyelashes and someone isn’t prepared for it, they will naturally blink to keep the object from entering their eye. If it does enter, then they will blink repeatedly to try and dislodge the object.

When Not Blinking Because a Problem

People who work at a computer all day, read books frequently, or do anything else that causes them to blink less should be careful to address this problem. Nobody wants to deal with an eye infection because it will be painful and lower their quality of life, even if for a short time. Also, people who wear eyeglasses in Miami Beach need to be sure they have a healthy blink frequency. The glass barrier sometimes prevents people from feeling like they need to blink so often, which can become an issue.

photo credit: Inflammation of the conjunctiva via photopin (license)