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Does Being Overweight Affect Vision?

One question that many people ask their Miami Beach eye doctor is if their weight problem is going to affect their vision. In short, the answer is yes. Having extra pressure on the body can cause blood vessels in the eyes to become damaged. Also, diabetic retinopathy and macular degeneration are directly related to the vascular system, which can become adversely affected in people who are overweight. Those who are concerned about their weight affecting their vision need to speak with their optometrist in Miami Beach about what they can do to control their weight and also to retain their healthy sight.

What Vision Problems Can Arise From Obesity?

There are a number of vision problems that people can suffer from, and many of them are indirectly related to weight problems. One reason a doctor in Miami Beach will tell their patient to control their weight is to preserve their vision throughout their life.

Diabetes is the main condition from weight that can affect people’s vision. Diabetes is known to cause a number of vision problems, and many overweight people suffer from diabetes.

● Studies have been conducted that showed overweight people had more eye issues than healthy people, and also that their eye diseases progressed faster than relatively healthy people’s eye diseases.

● Cataracts are one condition that’s related to a patient’s nutrition and health level, therefore those who are overweight are more susceptible to developing cataracts.

Stopping Weight-Related Vision Problems

Those who are concerned about their weight and how it’s going to affect their vision need to be examined by an eye doctor right away. Most people who feel like their vision is going to be affected by their weight make this assumption because they are already having vision problems and need to be examined by a medical professional. However, people who are not having vision problems just yet need to do everything they can to drop the excess weight. If a person can lose the weight before it causes any vision problems, then they will not have to worry about weight-related vision issues anymore.

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