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Being Color Blind – How it Affects You

Eye doctors in Miami often come across patients who are unable to detect color as well as the majority of people are able to. People who suffer from some degree of color-vision deficiency experience the inability to perceive colors because they have a problem with the cone cells in their eyes–these are the cells that are supposed to help people detect the color of objects they are looking at. Around 1 in 8 men have some type of color detection problem, and around 1 in 200 women do as well. When someone comes in to have their eyes examined for color detection problems, a Miami Beach eye doctor usually concludes that the person has a genetic problem which caused them to experience this issue. There are, however, some people who experience color detection problems due to diabetes, multiple sclerosis, or some other type of similar disease.

Living With Color Blindness / Color Vision Deficiency

People who have normal vision often ask their Miami optometrist to explain what it’s like living with a color-vision problem. Those who ask this question are likely going to hear some of these things:

What to do About Color Blindness

Those who are born or became color blind in their life are likely wondering what they can do to correct their visual problems. However, people who are completely color blind currently have no treatment options available to them. Those who have a red-green color vision problem, though, actually have an option available to them that can correct their visual issues. A company known as EnChromia has created special glasses that can correct red-green color vision deficiency effectively. An eye doctor in Miami may suggest that their patients who have this particular problem try these glasses out. There may be options available to people who suffer from other types of color-vision problems in the future, but there are currently none today.

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