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Learning About Artificial Tear Solutions

There are many different types of eye drops available. Some of them can be bought at your local drug store, but some of them can only be obtained by getting a prescription from your Miami optometrist. The type of eye drops you are going to need will depend on what you plan on using them for. If you are trying to keep your eyes more lubricated because they have been dry lately, then you will likely only need over-the-counter drops. However, if these aren’t working well enough for you, then you will need to visit an eye doctor in Miami to get a prescription.

Artificial Tears for Different Purposes

In addition to keeping your eyes lubricated, artificial tears also come in a contact solution form that can be used to store and clean your contact lenses. It’s important to make sure that you are only using the right form of solution for this purpose. Hydrogen peroxide solutions are best for cleaning, and multipurpose solutions are best for contact storage and cleaning on the go. Here are some of the main different types of artificial tears that eye doctors in Miami are asked about:

● Over-the-counter drops. These drops are best for getting the redness out of your eyes or adding moisture to them when they feel dry. Read the labels to find out which drops are going to be best for what you need.

● Contact solutions. There are a few different types of contact solutions, and the type you need will depend on what you plan on using them for. If you want a solution only to clean your contacts with, keep a hydrogen peroxide solution on hand.

● Prescription drops. These drops are going to be for things like stimulating tear production. Steroidal eye drops can help someone with dry eyes to naturally produce more tears. There are also prescription-grade lubrication drops that are non-steroidal, but more powerful than what you can buy over-the-counter.

Getting the Right Drops for You

Before you go out and waste money on artificial tears that you don’t need, you may want to consult with your doctor first. If you wear eyeglasses in Miami Beach and want to deal with a dry eye problem, then you won’t need any sort of solution–you will only need drops for lubrication. Also, if you have had no success with the drops you’re buying from the store, then you need to speak with your doctor about this so they can provide you with something else. There’s no need to continue spending money on over-the-counter drops if they are not working for you. It’s also important to read the labels of the drops you’re buying so you don’t buy something designed to cure red eyes when you only suffer from dry eyes; the ingredients of these drops are going to be different for each purpose.

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