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6 Amazing Eye Facts

When people are visiting their Miami eye doctor, they often ask questions about their eyes to find out amazing information regarding this most complex organ. The more people know about their eyes, the better they can care for them throughout their life. People often begin developing vision problems when they reach a certain age, but there are ways to prevent this from happening. Eye doctors in Miami will often educate their patients on the things they need to know about how their eyes function, interesting new technology in the medical world, and anything else they want to know about their eyes. Knowing the more interesting facts about the eyes can help people to remember what they need to be doing to provide them with proper care.

Facts About the Eyes You May Not Know

When it comes to your eyes, there are many interesting facts about them that most people don’t know. How they work, how they developed, and history of the eyes make them some of the most interesting organs in the human body. You doctor in Miami Beach can tell you all sorts of interesting things about them.

● The first eyes developed in animals around 550 million years ago, although they were in the most basic form.

● When babies are born, they are color blind for a short time. This is normal and changes soon, though.

● All tissue in the human body contains blood vessels, except for the cornea, or outermost layer of the eye.

● 80% of all known vision problems are curable, and many of them can be avoided with a little preventative care.

● A gecko is able to distinguish colors over 350 times better than a human is able to, even in low light settings.

● Everybody knows there’s muscles in their eyes, but most people don’t know that these muscles are about 100 times stronger than they need to be in order to perform their function.

Taking Care of Your Eyes

As you can see, eyes are interesting and very complex. Actually, the eyes are the most complex organ in the body after the brain. This is why it’s important for you to know about them and provide them with the proper care. When it comes down to it, the best thing you can do is to be sure you visit your optometrist in Miami Beach as often as they recommend. Having your eyes examined by a medical professional is the best way to spot any issues before they get too advanced, and also to ensure that your eyes are in the best shape possible.

photo credit: Mi carcel via photopin (license)