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4 Things You Didn’t Know About Your Eyes

Everybody knows that eyes are amazing organs because they provide people with the ability to perceive the world around them. They can distinguish a variety colors, they can see incredibly long distances, and they are very complex. If you’ve been asking your eye doctor in Miami Beach about your eyes, then you may want to know more than just basic facts about them. Eye doctors in Miami will be able to tell you many things about your eyes that you may be unaware of. They can tell you about the different parts of your eyes, what each part does, how the eye works, and many other interesting facts.

Interesting Information About Your Eyes

You may not know just how amazing your eyes really are. Here are four things that most people don’t know about the human eye:

● The retina in your eyes actually receives images upside down. It’s your brain that flips the images into what you are looking at. Also, although there’s a red-color receptor in your retina, it only detects a yellow-green. The green receptor detects blue-green, which the brain combines in order to comprehend the color red.

● The average person blinks around 17 times every single minute. This is to keep the eyes moisturized at all times, which is very important to good eye health.

● If your optometrist in Miami Beach has told you that your vision is “20/20”, it doesn’t mean that it’s absolutely perfect. The only thing this means is that you are able to see twenty feet in front of you as well as the average person is able to.

● There has not yet been a successful eye transplant. There are more than one million nerve fibers which connect the brain to the eyes, and doctors have yet to reconnect these two organs because of the complexities of those nerve fibers.

The Complexities of the Human Eye

There are so many interesting facts about the human eye that it would take years to learn about them all. The eye consists of so many different parts and has so many functions that even optical specialists are still learning new facts about them. Because the eye is so complex and important, it’s a good idea to have yours examined regularly. Also, be sure that you’re wearing your eyeglasses in Miami Beach to prevent any unnecessary damage from coming to your eyes. Wearing your glasses as often as possible will reduce the strain on your optical nerves and eye muscles, resulting in healthier eyes overall.

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