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4 Simple Ways to Fix Dry Eyes in Winter

Winter starts in only a few weeks. You know what that means; cooler, dry air messing with our eyes! But dry eyes can happen for more reasons than the weather. It can also be caused by inflammation and underlying conditions.

If you’re dealing with chronic dry eyes, it’s best to get an exam from an eye doctor. Depending on the severity of your eyes, they might recommend one of these options…

1) Clear Eyes for Dry Eyes. This is an affordable over-the-counter medication that helps many people. You should go to a doctor if you’re consistently using more than 8-10 drops per day, though.

2) Steroid eye drops. If you get dry eyes because of inflammation problems, these drops can help fight the symptoms. You’ll need a prescription from a doctor, so make an appointment sooner than later.

3) Restasis. Restasis is a prescription eye drop that keeps your eyes lubricated, helps with inflammation, and also helps your body to produce more natural tears. Many people with chronic dry eyes use this product on a regular basis.

4) Optical ointments. Ointments can be used on your eyes to help with the dryness, but they are usually uncomfortable and can cause cloudy vision. If you need to use them to help with your condition, try to use them only at night.

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