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4 Common Traits Of People With Green Eyes

Your eye color may reveal your true self. Studies have been conducted to find connections between certain eye colors and personality traits, and they have been surprisingly accurate.

One interesting bit of information an eye doctor may tell you is that green is one of the rarest eye colors. Only 2% of the world’s population has naturally green eyes.

Here Are 4 traits Linked to People With Green Eyes

Eye Color Is Often Hereditary

Previously, it was believed that one dominant gene was responsible for the emergence of green eyes in a child. However, eye doctors are now aware that as many as 16 genes can affect the color of a person’s eyes.

Theoretically, a person can be born with any eye color regardless of what their parents and other family members have. This usually isn’t the case, though, because genetic influences often determine the outcome of a person’s eye color.

More often than not, a child will be born with the same color eyes as one of their parents. If both parents have the same eye color, then there’s a very strong possibility that their child will have the same color eyes as them, though it’s not definite.

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