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4 Causes of Night Blindness and How to Treat It

If you can see normally during the day but not as well at night, you may have nyctalopia (night blindness). In most cases, night blindness is usually a symptom of an underlying vision problem rather than a disease on its own. Night blindness can be dangerous, especially if you drive frequently after dark.

What Can Cause People to Experience Night Blindness?

There are cells in your eye that allow you to see objects in low-light conditions. If they are not working properly, then you’ll experience night blindness. Here are the most common underlying reasons for this condition:

1) Glaucoma and associated medications

2) Undiagnosed nearsightedness

3) Cataracts

4) Diabetes

How To Treat Night Blindness

The treatment for night blindness depends entirely upon the cause. Some people may simply need to get a new glasses prescription from their eye doctor, but other people may need to have surgery if the cause is cataracts or another issue.

If you’re diabetic, controlling your blood sugar properly is likely going to resolve the issue. In most cases, correcting night blindness only requires a simple adjustment or a minor procedure.

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