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3 Things You Never Knew About Contact Lenses

Millions of people wear contact lenses every day of their life. They provide the same visual correcting capabilities as glasses except they are much harder to notice. Some people feel self conscious about wearing glasses, which is why contacts are a great option to have. If your eye doctor in Miami Beach says that you need one of the two, then you may want to know some interesting facts about contact lenses. While they are soft and easier to put on your eyes today, they weren’t always made this way.

Interesting Contact Lense Information

Since contact lenses were first invented, they have opened up a world of interesting possibilities. They allow scientists and doctors to come up with new ideas that are exciting for everybody, not just those with visual impairments. Here are some interesting facts about contact lenses that you may not know about:

Contact lenses were first made with glass. While some are still made partially with glass today, the vast majority of the ones people use are made entirely out of plastic. They are much easier to put in and take out, and they are also more comfortable to wear.

● There are incredible scientific ideas revolving around contact lenses. Scientists are working on creating a bionic contact lense that would allow people to play games, surf the web, and read text messages without having to look at the screen of a device. There are other incredible advancements in the works as well, such as the zoom lense. With this lense, people will be able to wink and see objects up to 2.8 times larger than they naturally can. There are even people working on coming up with a contact lense that would provide the user with nightvision.

● Water can harm your contact lenses. Most people think it’s okay to pour some water in their palm when they want to wash their lenses off, but this is not a good idea. This can damage the lense and cause bacteria to become trapped on it. The best way to wash a lense is with contact solution that’s made specifically for that purpose.

Making Glasses a Thing of the Past

As technology steadily advances, new and useful contact lenses may be hitting the market sooner than you think. Eye doctors in Miami want to help their patients be able to see properly, but there is a whole world of possibilities related to contact lenses that most people don’t even know about. In the future, new contact lenses may be developed that allow people who are uncomfortable wearing them now to use them on a daily basis without feeling abnormal. If you are tired of wearing your eyeglasses in Miami Beach, then speak with your optometrist about getting a set of contacts so you never have to worry about losing your glasses again. If you need eye care, find the best doctor in Miami Beach.

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