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3 Possible Vision Changes in Pregnancy

You’re pregnant? Congrats, that’s wonderful! And if you’re just thinking about getting pregnant, then kudos on doing some research in advance! So, here’s the answer — Yes, pregnancy can affect the eyes.

The good news is vision problems from pregnancy are minor and temporary most of the time. They usually go away after your little one is born! Here are some things that could affect your eyes and vision during pregnancy:

1) Blurred Vision from retained fluid in the cornea. Generally, this doesn’t become a severe problem. But if it does, you could get a temporary prescription to help out until you’re done with breastfeeding.

2) Dry eyes as a result of hormone changes. You can easily handle this problem with over-the-counter eye drops. 

3) Preeclampsia. This is uncommon, but you could develop this condition if you’re pregnant and have high blood pressure. It’s often identified by causing vision issues, but it can also harm other organs. Unfortunately, the only way to cure it is by delivering the baby.

If you’re concerned you may have preeclampsia, talk with your doctor as soon as possible. They’ll tell you how to manage it and take care of yourself.

Dealing With Your Eyes During & After Pregnancy

Most of the time, any vision or eye issues that happen during pregnancy are minor inconveniences. They’ll usually go away on their own after giving birth or within a few months afterward because your hormones that were abnormal during the pregnancy will regulate themselves.

Some things to keep in mind:

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