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What Does Having 20/20 Vision Mean?

Most people know about the two-number ratio in relation to their vision. When visiting your Miami eye doctor, you may hear them tell you that you have vision that is XX-XX. What this number represents is how well you are able to see objects. What 20/20 vision means is that you can see objects at a distance of 20 feet as well as other people can see objects at a distance of 20 feet. If your doctor in Miami Beach tells you that you have 20/50 vision, then it means that you must be as close as 20 feet to see what other people can see at 50 feet away. The number ratio 20/20 doesn’t mean that someone has perfect vision, it just means they can see normally. There have been instances of people having vision better than 20/20, though.

Having Your Vision Tested

When you are going in to see your optometrist in Miami Beach, ask them if you can do a Snellen chart test. This is the chart with various numbers/letters that get smaller towards the bottom of it.

● You will be asked to stand on a line that’s spaced a certain distance away from the chart. One of your eyes will be covered, then you will be told to read the numbers/letters the eye doctor is pointing at.

● You are supposed to read each number/letter to the best of your ability, and also without squinting as much as possible.

● After you have read all of the numbers and letters, your eye doctor will tell you how good your vision is. Optimally, you want to hear them tell you that your vision is 20/20.

How To Improve Your Vision

If you don’t have the best of vision, it’s nothing to worry about. People are able to go through life just fine without having normal vision. However, there are things you can do to improve your ability to see objects at a certain distance. Eye doctors in Miami can recommend all sorts of tests and practices that are going to help you see objects better, and many of them have been proven to work. In addition to the exercises to improve your vision, you can also take supplements or alter your diet to one that caters to your eyes. Consuming the right vitamins and nutrients can drastically improve your vision. Also, having less than 20/20 vision doesn’t necessarily mean that you will need glasses or contacts.

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